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Click My Talent for General User
When any user visits the website and wants to register with then click on the register button as shown below:

To get registered please fill the form with all fields marked as *. When user registers with his name and email-id they would be receiving an email with a system generated password. They can login with the password provided.

After successful completion of registration user gets a message “Your Password has been sent to the E-Mail you have provided”

Check your registered email for the system generated password.



Apply to One Chance only once. If you are not logged in and clicked for Apply Now then a login page appears where you can simply log in and apply for that one chance.

Change Password


Login with the system generated password and change the system generated password.

After successful completion you would get a message…

Edit Member Details


Fill the member details by clicking on “Edit Member Details” as shown below:
Note: You can describe about your talents only after filling the Member Details Page.

Add New Talent


After filling the member details you can add talents by clicking on ‘Add New Talent’. Fill your talent details in the below form. Here there is a drop down menu where you can select the talent which you can perform. Upload your talent related photographs, audio files, video files. Upload as many talent files you have up to 50MB of total files size.

After Successful submission of your talent details and talent files you would get a message stating that “Successfully added your new talent” and sends a mail to Administrator for approval.

Manage Talents


Check your talent approval status after 24hrs by clicking on “Manage Talents”.

If you want to make any change or delete your talents click on respective button “Delete / Edit”. If your profile has been approved then you would get a message stating that your talent has been approved to your registered email.

My Stuff


This is how your profile looks after administrator approval. Click on “My Stuff” to check the profile.

Mail Box


You can check your mails by clicking on “Mail Box”.



If you want to send any feedbacks simply click on “feedback.

Send A Message


If you want to send message to any of the talent members in particular section like casting, talent etc., then simply click on the talent member details pages and then click on “Send a Message”.

If you want to send the talent member details page to your friend then click on “Send to friend”.

If you want to “Become a fan” of particular talent member then click on “Become a Fan”. You can also give ratings and comments to the other talent members. Also check the other talent member’s photographs, videos or can even listen to the audio if they have uploaded the talent files.

Become a Fan


If any of the talent member comments on your profile then you will get an email to your registered email. You can show, hide or delete the comment by clicking on respective button “Show / Delete”. If you approve the comment then the comment will be displayed below to your profile.

Ratings, Comments


Check the number of ratings to your profile and at the same time number of fans to your profile as shown below. You can also check the number of views to your profile.

ONE Chance


There is a section called ‘ONE Chance” where you can apply for the opportunities available at

Number of Members


If you want to know how many members are registered in particular category then click on desired category like casting, dancing, direction etc., then there will be number displayed beside to the category.


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